charlotte pediatric surgeon If you have a child who needs medical care or needs a specific medical operation, a Charlotte pediatric surgeon will do the job. A pediatric surgeon is a licensed physician who graduated from a medical school and who has completed years of professional residency training for specialization in surgical aspect. They dedicate many years to learning about medical care for children and surgical procedures to diagnose, treat and perform surgery. This encompasses the preoperative, operative and postoperative management of young patients who needs treatment.

The spectrum of patients cared for by a Charlotte pediatric clinic includes infants, toddlers, school ages, teenagers and adolescents. They also perform medical surgery on fetuses with an operation called “neonatal surgery.” There are also general surgeons who are qualified to perform operations from young patients to the elderly. A pediatric surgeon differs in the sense that they specialize their care exclusively for younger patients.

A reliable pediatric surgeon has both a qualification and certification from a national surgical board. This certification is approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Before acquiring this certification, aspiring surgeon should complete a residency training program and should also pass an examination which focuses on a particular specialty.

You can also distinguish a Charlotte pediatric surgeon from his title. A surgeon’s formal title “M.D.” stands for “Medical Doctor” which is also an indication that a surgeon is board certified and that he or she passed an evaluation of their surgical skills. One example of this is: “Dr. Andrew M. Schulman, M.D. Board Certified.”

Pediatric Surgical Treatments

A pediatric surgeon performs a wide variety surgical procedures, including:

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Gastroschisis
  • Pulmonary Sequestration
  • Chest Wall Deformities
  • Appendicitis
  • Removal of masses, nodes and cysts

These are just few of variety of medical disorders of children that needs medical management from a Charlotte pediatric surgeon.

A child patient does not always have the ability to say what they feel considering their ability to speak and their age. They often tend to get scared and feel uncomfortable with some procedures done to them. A pediatric surgeon is also specially trained to cope with the behavior of children. They know how to make young patients cooperate and feel comfortable in the medical environment. If you are referred to Charlotte pediatric clinic you can be rest assured that they uphold the highest standards in surgical care.