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How do I choose a physician?

Our insider’s perspective on how to choose a physician.

Why choose PSA?

Find out why physicians and parents prefer PSA.

How is an appointment scheduled?

Your child will be referred by his or her pediatrician or another specialist. However if you have any questions or concerns and feel your child may need surgery, please call our office.

Is surgery performed the day of the initial appointment?

Generally, the initial appointment is a consultation only. If surgery is required, our nurses will work with you to schedule.

If your child has been referred to us for an urgent appointment, he or she may be scheduled for surgery on the same day. Your child may be given instructions such as no eating or drinking prior to coming to our office.

What insurance plans are accepted?

Pediatric Surgical Associates, P.A. is contracted with most insurance plans. If the insurance plan is considered out-of-network, a member of our staff will assist in obtaining authorization for in-network benefits.

What are my insurance benefits?

Insurance benefits vary based on individual insurance plans and where the service takes place. The phone number for customer service is printed on the back of the insurance card and may be called to request benefits. For scheduled appointments and surgeries, a member of our staff will contact your insurance company in advance and obtain your benefits.

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