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Evaluation and Treatment of Common Problems

We have created some algorithms to help determine when a surgical consultation is needed for these common problems. However, we are happy to see your patients at any time. We have provided the algorithms in a printable PDF format for your convenience.

Pediatric Surgical Associates is dedicated to providing quality care for the children of this community in the most efficient manner. We have created a referral process that is easy and practical for both the referring provider and the patient. Following is a brief synopsis on how to refer a patient to our office, whether it is routine or urgent.

Urgent Referrals – It’s as easy as calling our office!

If you are seeing a patient in your office that you feel needs immediate evaluation by a Pediatric Surgeon, please call our main office number at (704) 370-0223. One of our staff members will ensure your request is handled promptly and efficiently. If you are calling after normal business hours, the doctor on call will be paged immediately and will determine the best course of action.

Routine Referrals

For non-urgent referrals, simply fax our referral form to our office at (704) 370-0799 along with pertinent medical records. A member of our staff will contact the patient’s family to schedule a consultation with one of the Pediatric Surgeons. We will follow up with a new patient packet mailed to the family which includes directions to our office. We will notify you of the appointment information upon request. After the patient has been evaluated, a letter will be sent to the referring provider with the results of the consultation.


Pediatric Surgical Associates accepts all insurance plans. There is no need to determine what type of insurance the patient has before referring him or her to our office. Simply fax your referral to us at (704) 370-0799 and we will take care of the rest! In the event we are considered out-of-network, we will make every effort to obtain an authorization from the insurance company so benefits will be covered at the in-network level. Our staff will verify benefits prior to the patient’s appointment and contact you if a referral or authorization is necessary.

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